Category: Organic Producers and Farms in Malaysia

With all the talk about organic foods and produce, you would want to get involved or perhaps run a business in this area. Check out the list of organic producers and farms across Malaysia and see if there are any that suits your needs.

Top organic producers Malaysia

Find out where and who the top producers of organic food are around the country. You could be a business that sells organic food and looking for suppliers where this would be the best place to start.

Connect with producers nationwide

Check out who the producers are and what they grow. Alternatively, you can learn more about how organic products are made and see if they are certified by the relevant bodies. If you are an organic food producer, you could connect to a new marketplace of networks consisting of business owners, entrepreneurs and even other farmers who could help your business to grow.

Asiatic Organic Farm

Asiatic Organic Farm

In the island of Borneo, you will come across the Asiatic Organic Farm if you are a person who likes organic produce. Prominent Organic farm in Sabah The Asiatic Organic Farm is perhaps one...

JT Organic

The JT Organic Farm is responsible in producing supplies that are sold through the JT Organic brand. The JT Organic cultivation farm is located in Napoh, Kedah that produces its range of eco-friendly products....