Category: Organic Restaurants in Malaysia

Are you looking for an organic food restaurant around your area? Have you been planning to go organic but find it hard to buy food in this category? Look no further, this is where you will find all types of restaurants and F & B outlets to suit your needs.

Best organic foods

One of the primary aspects of going organic is to ensure that your food are free from artificial and synthetic ingredients. Search for the best restaurants around your area and enjoy your meals like everyone can.

Restaurants around Malaysia

From Penang to Johor, Kelantan to Perak, Sabah and Sarawak, you can now find all the restaurants where you can enjoy organic food and dine without any doubts. Search for the ones you like most, visit them and tell others what you think about their food. Give suggestions if you can to help others indulge in their meals too.

The Origin

This restaurant has a very unique name. Located in Ampang, it takes pride for being officially opened on the 11.11.11 which in its own way refers to the start (origin). Established name in Ampang...

Organic Recipe

As the name implies, Organic Recipe is the place to go if you like organic food. Located in Casa Utama, it is one of the few options for those living around here that serves...

Organic Express

The Organic Express is perhaps one of the most popular outlets that sell great organic food. You simply know this by the fact that a long line of customers are waiting during peak hours...



One of the unique thing about EcoGreen is that they started out as a retail shop. That was more than a decade ago but it was established as an outlet that sell products that...

Ashley’s Bangsar

This place is quite an interesting place to visit if you are looking for a good organic meal in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Established name in organic food The name of the restaurant...